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World-wide Editor : Mondial Fruit Sélection SARL
European Plant patent requested in 1998

Redstar is a sport of Elstar, a new generation of Elstar sports selected by VALOIS Nursery.

Redstar brings in the orchard the confidence of a igh coloured apple, with a very nice deeply striped red colour and a better size.


  • Blossom : diploid variety with high quality pollen with a blooming period medium to late (as Gala)

  • Good Pollinators : Gala, Braeburn, Granny, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious or Malus (50% INRA® PERPETUE® Evereste or INRA® Beaugène, 50% Goldengem)

  • Growth Habit : As the original variety, Redstar is a type 3 half spread tree with opening branches under the crop weight. Vigour is strong.

  • Shape : Typical of the standard Elstar

  • Colour : Redstar presents a very nice and wide, striped bright red colour. Red can cover 75% to 100% of the fruit surface. This is major evolution within the available Elstar clones in Northern Europe.

  • Flesh : exceptional eating quality, Redstar presents no difference from the original variety. Sweet, flavourful but also acidic, it is a very good variety.

  • Size : Redstar has a better size compare to the original variety.
Harvest and Storage
  • Harvest : as the standard clone. As the % of colour is higher than on the standard clone, harvest can start earlier, keeping a green back ground colour, improving so the storage potential and firmness.

  • Storage : same as standard Elstar when picked at the same maturity stage, better if picked earlier.

Agronomic Characteristics
  • Highly productive variety with a little sensitivity to biennial bearing. The variety is early bearing. Because of its strong vigour, the rootstock PAJAM® 1 Lancep is recommended.

  • Redstar can increase dramatically profitability on Elstar, increasing the percentage of first choice quality packed fruits, decreasing the number of pickings at harvest time and increasing size potential. This is the new winner for Northern Europe.



European Editor : Mondial Fruit Sélection SARL
Registered to the French Official Catalogue in 1991

Plant Patent : F 1470

International TradeMark
Red King sport discovered in the Washington State (USA)

  • Blossom : blooming time is 2 to 4 days earlier than Golden Delicious. During blossom, temperature should be checked because flower can be sensible to low temperatures. The variety is not biennial bearing.

  • Pollinators : Elstar, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Idared

  • Habit : Medium vigour, standard type and very good productivity.


  • Shape : truncated conic, ribbed like all the Delicious type

  • Colour : fruit colour is a deep red stripped/blushed (stripes are dominating) on all the fruit. Colour is very uniform also inside the tree. The colour is very precocious and attractive.

  • Flesh : firm and juicy, the flavour is sweet.

  • Size : medium to big, very regular
Harvest and Storage
  • EARLY RED ONE® Erovan should be harvest contemporary to standard Delicious types. It can be stored 150 days at 0°C and up to 210 in controlled atmosphere. Storage parameters should be well controlled is order to keep the quality of the flesh.
Agronomic Characteristics
  • Compared to a standard Red Delicious, Early red One® Delicious should be budded on a more vigorous rootstock than M9 like PAJAM® 2 Cepiland or MM 106 in certain types of soils. Fruit bearing is exceptionally early for a Red Delicious type.

  •  EARLY RED ONE® Erovan is an exceptional variety due to its early fruit bearing. The fruit colour is precocious, uniformity of the fruit guarantee a good % of Extra Quality. It is one of the best standard Red Delicious variety currently commercialised.

Scarlet Spur


Editor : Mondial Fruit Sélection SARL
Register in the French Official Catalog in 1989
Protected variety : F 9642
International TradeMark

OREGON SPUR® Trumdor very early Sport discovered by Van Well Nursery in the Washington State (USA).

  • Blossom : SCARLET SPUR® Evasni is a diploid variety which flowers 2 to 4 days before Golden Delicious. It is well-known for its very high floriferousness and its medium sensibility to the Biennial bearing.

  • Pollinators : Idared, Cox’s Orange, Granny Smith, Gala, Reine des Reinettes, Elstar, Golden Delicious, Querina, Braeburn.

  • Habit : the vigorous of SCARLET SPUR® Evasni is medium to low, with an upright shape. The tree is very compact. The baring is nil.

  • Shape : the fruit is truncated conic, very regular and ribbed.

  • Colour : SCARLET SPUR® Evasni is washed deep red on a green background. The colour of the fruit is very early.

  • Flesh : white, firm, crunchy and juicy. The eating quality is good, with a soft flavour like the origin variety.

  • Calibre : medium to big.

Harvest and storage
  • Harvest : the same than Golden Delicious.

  • Storage : 5 months in a normal cold and at 0°C but until 7 months in a controlled atmosphere (2-3 % of O2, 3-4 % of CO2).

Production and use
  • The productivity is very good and the bearing early. It's advised to use some rootstocks more vigorous than for the standard varieties.

  • SCARLET SPUR® Evasni is the most efficient spur on the market of Delicious rouge which will be harvested before all the others. Moreover, it's a very beautiful Red Delicious which colours very well even in unfavourable conditions.

Mondial Gala


European Editor : Mondial Fruit Sélection SARL
Registered in 1988, Patented in Italy
Trade Mark : National and International

Coloured Gala sport found by Mitchell in New Zealand

  • Growing Habit : MONDIAL GALA® Mitchgla vigour is strong. Its growth habit is half spread with opened angles within branches. The tree is a half-spur type. It bears essentially on 1 to 3 years old wood like Golden Delicious.

  • Blossom : MONDIAL GALA® Mitchgla is diploid with a good pollen quality. The blooming period is medium like Golden Delicious. The variety is not sensible to biannual bearing.

  • Good pollinators : Idared, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Elstar, Gloster, Red Delicious, Fuji, Braeburn, Florina, Akane

  • Heat requirements: same as Gala standard
  • Shape : the fruit is truncated conic, half elevated, very regular and ribbed like the original variety.

  • Colour : MONDIAL GALA® Mitchgla has a very beautiful deep red striped blush covering 3/4 to 4/4 of the skin on a yellow-orange background. Its colour is much more deep and bright than the original variety.

  • Flesh : firm, juicy, yellow, the eating quality are the same than the original variety

  • Size : identical than the original variety, the fruit size is medium to big, very homogenous.

Harvest and Storage
  • Harvest : 10 to 15 days before Golden Delicious

  • Storage : excellent storage until March at 2°C and until May in CA. Mondial Gala® Mitchgla is usually consumed from September to March.

Agronomic characteristics
  • Yield is high and consistent. The tree is medium sensitive to fire blight, oïdium and apple scab. The variety is early bearing with a precocious bud brake.

  •  A great variety, MONDIAL GALA® Mitchgla is much more coloured than the standard Gala. Easy to handle, a controlled thinning is necessary in order to get a good fruit size.

Other varieties :


- COV ( Comice x Conference ) type Conference
but more regular and without russeting, not susceptible to Parry’s disease.

Other varieties